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The Tibrarian's Corner | Forgotten Treasure Tuesday: June 4, 2013
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I hope that you have enjoyed the Forgotten Treasure Tuesdays series.  This will be the final Forgotten Treasure installment before I suspend the series for the summer.  Don’t stop visiting the website, however, as there are more blog posts to come!

Picture Book: The Three Armadillies Tuff by Jackie Mims Hopkins (Peachtree 2002)
This story is a humorous version of the Three Billy Goats Gruff story. The goats from the old tale are replaced by armadillos in this version, which is set in the desert. The three armadillo sisters are trying to cross the road to get to the dance hall, but are held up by a female coyote who would really love an armadillo handbag. Tibrarians who are a fan of using voices and accents to spice up their read-alouds will have a rollicking good time with this tale that is full of fun phrases and lots of humor.

Novel: Esperanza Rising by Pam Muñoz Ryan (Scholatic 2000)
This book is a great coming of age story that follows a young girl as she learns to deal with a harsh new reality. When her father dies, Esperanza must leave her comfortable and happy life in Mexico. She ends up in America, her mother working on a farm and the family barely surviving. In Spanish, the word “esperanza” means hope and this beautiful work of historical fiction set during the Great Depression shows how important it is to have hope and strength of character during difficult situations. A great book to share with your fifth graders, especially the girls.


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